Sikh Sant Soldier – First two Sikh soldiers to guard the British Queen


First two Sikh soldiers to guard the British Queen

First two Sikh soldiers to guard the British Queen

Friday said it is hard work but Queen Elizabeth II gets first Sikh guards Sikhs soldiers Sarjvit Singh and Simranjit Singh, who will guard the British Queen, pose at Wellington barracks. (AP)
definitely worth it.

Singh, 26, who serves with 21 Signal Regiment of the British army, started his royal guard duties in May at the Buckingham Palace and Windsor Castle. He was joined by India-born Lance Corporal Sarvjit Singh, 28.

Hailing from Coventry, Simranjit Singh said: “Being in London and parading in front of hundreds of people has been brilliant. Being Sikh hasn’t made any difference.

“My family and friends are very proud of me being in the army and have been down to watch the ceremony. It’s been hard work but definitely worth it.”

Married to Jagtinder, Singh joined the army in 2006 after working as a helpdesk operator in the National Health Service.

He is now based in Colerne, Wiltshire, where he works in the motor transport department of the regiment’s headquarters looking after vehicles and radio equipment.

Lance Corporal Singh, 28, was born in India in 1981, and came to England in 2000. He joined the army in 2004. When he learned that his unit would take part in public duties this summer, he immediately volunteered for the royal guard.

Mounting guard duty is normally carried out by the Guards of Household Division in their distinctive scarlet tunics and bear skin caps, but when the Guards units are busy with operational duties other regiments step in.


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